Liz Stone

Why I practice:

After years of searching for resources and practices to help me deal with Complex PTSD from unresolved trauma I was so encouraged to learn about many of the modalities we now offer at The Balanced Stone.  In fact, researching, studying, and gathering these modalities over the last decade and a half is a big part of why we founded our healing center.  I remember thinking, what if it hadn’t taken me 30 years to do this work to heal?  Most of us just don’t know where to look and what is possible.  EMDR, Neurofeedback, Sound Healing, Qigong and Somatic work have all been part of my personal healing journey and have extensive studies behind the efficacy of these modalities on healing trauma in the body.  I have gained so much from my practice with each one and continue to learn and grow as I do.  

Why I teach: 

There was a time in my life where I didn’t know how to survive the coming waves of panic or make it through each 24 hour filled day.  I teach now because I know what it is to be without hope and not know where to look for healing.  It’s very difficult to research when we are in crisis.  That is why I am so passionate about mentoring others in all that is possible in the modalities that we know about today for the healing of trauma.  I am a firm believer that no one knows exactly what is the right next step for you but that as we learn of each new resource, class, or modality we will begin to resonate with what is right for us.  Healing is rarely just one thing.  There is so much wisdom inside of ourselves and tapping into the wisdom of the body is a sacred journey.  


I am certified in Sound Healing and near completion in my Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy certification.  I am also  getting certified for Neurofeedback and our center will be the only one with a Neurofeedback machine available for clinical use in Tooele County.  Still, I feel what qualifies me most to do this work and hold space for others is my own healing journey as a survivor of both physical and sexual violence.   I’m honored to walk this path with you!

Alice Christensen

Inner Chi Healing

Why I practice: Hi, my name is Alice Christensen, I am the Owner, Practitioner, and Teacher of “Inner Chi Healing”. (Pronounced Inner Chee Healing, like Energy Healing).  I am so excited to share my abilities with the Balanced Stone, and look forward to meeting with you.

I began my spiritual journey in earnest in 1994. I think all of us have experienced many spiritual moments during the course of our lives. At this time in my life I was questioning everything and wanted more answers. There had to be more to this thing called life.

By intention and asking my questions from deep within, I began an amazing journey. I read the whole gambit of metaphysical books, by old and new authors. I took trainings from some of today’s experts in the field. I filled my tool chest with skills and knowledge, which dramatically changed my life. Through intention I sought my God, Creator, and found an amazing reality outside my five senses. Through that connection I have been guided to meet and share with most amazing people on this planet, and for that I am so grateful. It is my hope that as you review my offerings, spirit will guide you to share your amazing beauty with us also. We are one, we are family, and we must all seek the connection that we share.

Energy work is known by many terms and cultures and has been around for thousands of years. Energy work is a method used to “tune up” the electrical and magnetic systems that run in and through the body for greater health and clarity. Whether it is called, Chi, Life Force, Prana, Vibration, Spirit or Soul work, it is also known as the power of the divine or that invisible connection to source. It is all the same, the fabric woven through all living things that makes our sojourn through this earthly journey possible. We invite you to experience and gain personal knowledge in the field of energy work and discover the healing and balance you can bring into your own life.

Why I teach: Have you ever had that moment when you recognized that if you could have this feeling, or do this thing every day of your life, you would live in bliss?

I discovered this moment when I am teaching.  There is nothing better than connecting dots for students and seeing their energy just light up.  The amazing life I lead is because of those students who have entered my space and shared their beauty inside and out, and we have grown together.  As a seeker of knowledge myself, this teaching and sharing continues my amazing journey through life.

Qualifications: Here are some of the tools I have gathered on my journey: 1999 to 2008 Theta 1, Theta 2, Advanced Theta, and Manifesting Abundance. (Trained by the creator of these courses, Vianna Stibal, all to Teacher certification levels.)  2013 Iridology (Leighann King) 2014 Bachelors Degree in Metaphysical Science  2009, 2015, & 2022. Hypnotherapist (Trained and certified by Hypnosis Training Academy, Igor Ledochowski). 2006 Certified Reiki Master (Trained and certified by Bobbi Henry) 2001 Owner: Inner Chi Healing 2004 Host of weekly Share Group 1996 Massage Therapist – Cranial Sacral – Kinesiology – Chakra Balancing 

Katie Kraft

Foot Zoning

Why I Practice: I fell in love with Foot Zoning after struggling with years of anxiety/panic attacks and then battling Postpartum Depression after my first child was born. I had tried many things to help, with little success. I walked into my first Foot Zone appointment feeling lost, anxious, tense, and full of bottled up emotions that were taking a toll on my mind and body. When I walked out of the appointment, I felt lighter, I had mental clarity, and I felt like I’d released a huge weight off my shoulders. Most of all though, I felt empowered.

Why I Teach: As a result of having regular Foot Zone Therapy, I began experiencing amazing benefits and positive changes in my life physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I felt compelled to start a new journey. I wanted to combine my passion for helping people and my fascination with the human body to support others on their own journey to heal and restore themselves.

Qualifications: I became a Certified Foot Zone Practitioner through We Do Feet Seminars in 2020. I have training in the use of essential oils, muscle testing, and energy work. I have also gained extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology through continuing education over the past 12 years, as well as hands on experience working as a Master Esthetician for the past 9 years.

Steve Stone

Why I practice:  

Originally I was drawn to learning more about sound healing because of how it helped my wife in her healing journey both emotionally and physically.  I noticed that I felt happier when I began to learn how to do sound treatments and had an opportunity to serve her.  Serving her in this way was serving me.  So we sought out training to learn more.

Why I teach:

The more I learn about sound the more I love helping others.  I especially love the drum and the tie back to my heritage in ceremony and healing.  I love to work on all types of leather work so learning about the drum, how it is strung and the symbolism behind it all inspire me to share this love with others.  I love to participate in our sound baths because it is a way I can contribute and serve others in my community.  


I certified as a Sound Treatment Practitioner in 2021 and am enjoying the process of practicing and learning more as I witness other’s healing.